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Four tamil lankans arrested in India

A senior police official stated that four Sri Lankan Tamils, including two women, were arrested in India today after they arrival without proper documents... Read More

Prison mates to be snapped

The Prison Commissioner Chandraratne Pallegama said today that The Department of Prisons has decided to formulate a photograph register of all inmates... Read More

Rajarata University closed again

  Rajarata University has been closed indefinitely. The University Administration has informed the students to leave the hostels before 4pm tomorrow.... Read More

Lankan commits suicide

A Sri Lankan man reportedly ended his life inside his sponsor’s house in Kuwait by swallowing a large quantity of pesticides.The corpse of the servant... Read More

Father brutally kills own children

It has been reported that a father has killed his own children by hanging in a rope.Police stated the deceased has been identified as a 3 year old boy... Read More

Landslide Warnings extended

The National Building Research organization stated that the landslide warning issued for the Nuwara Eliya, Kegalle,Kandy, Kaluthara and Rathnapura districts... Read More

New Commander appointed for SL Navy

A special event was organised at the Headquarters of the Sri Lanka Navy this morning for the New Navy Commander to assume duties.Vice Admiral Jayantha... Read More

Policeman attempts suicide

A policeman attached to the Kurunagala police station has shot himself at the police premises this morning.The policeman has attempted suicide at about... Read More

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