Local News

Another change to governors

Uva province governor designate Keerthi Tennakoon has taken oaths as Governor of the Southern Province before the President. Marshall Perera who previously... Read More

Shootings in Seeduwa and Beli-aththa

2 shootings in Seeduwa and Beli- Aththa were reported in the last 24 hours.Police stated a 34 year old person was shot, at a club around 2.30 this morning... Read More

20 Ministers to take oaths later today

UNP MP Ashok Abeysinghe stated that 20 government Ministers will be taking oaths as cabinet Ministers today.the MP said that the remaining ministers would... Read More


The festive season brings wonderful opportunities to be surrounded by family, friends and colleagues as we celebrate the season at the end of another year.... Read More

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