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SL shares ends low

Sri Lankan shares hits another low week, as Colombo stock index ended at 6,155.52. Foreign investors bought a net 152.7 million rupees. The turnover... Read More

SL shares closes lower

Sri Lankan shares have fallen on the first trading day this year. The turnover was reported at Rs. 329.2 million. The Colombo stock index has closed at... Read More

SL shares closes high

Sri Lankan shares closed high yesterday. Colombo stock index ended at 6,245.71. Meanwhile, the turnover stood at 720.9 million rupees. Foreign investors... Read More

Lime prices hits record levels

Lime prices has reached a record high, and growers say that this will strengthen their income. Lime harvest was affected badly by the drought conditions... Read More

IMF chief convicted over payout

International Monetary Fund’s Chief Christine Lagarde was found guilty of negligence but the court did not hand down any punishment. As French finance... Read More

Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals increase

The tourist arrivals into the country rose by 16 per cent to 167,217 in November this year. Tourists from India, China and Western Europe saw an increase. Total... Read More

SL shares ends slightly higher

Sri Lankan shares has ended slightly higher with the benchmark index of Colombo Stack Indwx ending up at 6, 253.28. Foreign investors sold shares worth... Read More

Prices of fish see a sharp drop

Prices of fish has dropped sharply following the high yield around the island, Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development stated. A... Read More

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