Business News

Sino-Lanka Textile Trade to be boosted

Development Strategy and International Trade Ministry prepares to utilize Chinese textile technology to increase by five folds the local garment productions.... Read More

Sri Lanka taxes to go online

The Commissioner General of Inland Revenue said the Government plans to increase revenue collection by setting up a platform for the public to pay taxes... Read More

Appropriation bill for 2016 tabled

Parliament convened this morning at 9.30 under the patronage of Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.The Appropriation bill for the year 2016 tabled in Parliament by... Read More

2016 Budget on 23rd October

According to the proposed parliamentary programme the Second Reading of the Appropriation Bill was to be held on the 20th of November. But, the budget... Read More

Bad weather causing havoc again

The continuo’s heavy rainfall into the central hills has spoiled the vegetable plantations. It is reported that the following vegetables harvests-:... Read More

Stock market slumps down

The Colombo stock exchange price list depicted a decrease yesterday (15). The overall price list marked 7030 at the end of the day. A and P price Sri... Read More

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