How did a person enter the Kaduwela court premises with a firearm


Police continues the operations in search  of the person who shot at underworld member Aruna Udaya Pathirana alias ‘Samayang’ at the Kaduwela Magistrate Court and the two detainees who escaped on the occasion of the shooting.

Underworld member ‘Samayang’ was admitted to the Colombo National Hospital with severe injuries sustained at the shooting carried out inside the Kaduwela Court premises last morning.

While the injured is a 30 –year old resident of Ranaala in Kaduwela, he had been charged of  homicide, burglary and woman molest incidences.

While there are four cases are being heard at the Kaduwela Magistrate’s court with regard to these charges, he was brought from the Colombo Remand Prison to the Kaduwela Magistrate court yesterday for the hearing of one of theses cases.

The police media spokesman’s office said that a person who had sat on a bench near the stairway on the second floor of the Magistrate Court at that time had shot the said underworld member.

While it has not yet been revealed who the suspect is, the police says that the person who carried out the shooting had come with a bandage hiding the firearm in the bandage.

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