Army inquiry into Rathupaswala incident continues


The recording of Summary of Evidence (S of E) regarding the Rathupaswala incident upon completion of the Court of Inquiry (C of I) continues. In the meantime the Magisterial Inquiry regarding the same incident has been fixed for hearing on 6th November 2015 (No 13 / 1440).

In consequence of the incident in the evening of 1 August 2013, an Army C of I was appointed to investigate the matter in accordance with military provisions.  A Magisterial Inquiry and Police investigation had also been in progress at the time of appointing the said Army C of I.

Upon the completion of the C of I recording of Summary of Evidence against some Army personnel had commenced and it is presently in progress.

The Commander of the Army, after perusing Summary of Evidence findings, may convene General Courts Martial if the evidence discloses prima facie cases against Army personnel implicated.

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