Elephant calf from Gannoruwa under the custody of wild life department dies


The post mortem on the elephant calf that died day before yesterday, while it had been kept in accordance with a court order, under the care of the Udawalawey Elephant Interim Resort after it was recovered from a hideout where it had been illegally detained in Gannoruwa in Peradeniya is scheduled to be held today.

Wildlife Director General H. D. Ratnayake said that this elephant calf had been kept in Gannoruwa by submitting an invalid permit.

The Wildlife Director General said further that according to that permit data about the weight tallying with the elephant calf’s height had not been mentioned.

After a report submitted to court about this, instruction was given for the post mortem to be held through a Veterinary Committee.

The Director General said further that similarly the court also ordered that the carcass of the elephant calf be buried in the Udawalawey Wildlife park.

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