Pregnant lady who didn't get a seat in the bus dies after 7 months


It is reported that the nine months’ pregnant lady, resident of Mahawilawatta in Ulapane, Gampola who, not given a seat,  was thrown out of a bus which was running at high speed, was  severely injured and had been receiving treatment for 7months, has died yesterday.  

The baby was due within 15 days, when she happened to face with the accident which occurred when she was traveling in a Haton-Kandy bus to attend a clinic at the Nawalapitiya hospital.

She had got into the bus from near the Ulapone Bridge on the 11th February this year, full of hopes to see her first baby.

 After she was traveling for some time standing, not being offered a suitable seat, she was thrown out of the racing bus when it was taking a bend.

The bystanders had taken her to the Gampola hospital and she was then transferred to the Kandy Hospital where the baby was taken through a Cesarean surgery. She had been suffering under a coma and was receiving treatment in the ICUs of Gampola and Kandy hospitals for 7 months following the incident.

She was re-admitted to the hospital last month as her condition had worsened once again and has died while in hospital. The post-mortem was due to be carried out at the Teaching Hospital in Gampola yesterday. 

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