Government purchases 7 million kilograms of paddy within 3 days


The Paddy Marketing Board states that 7 million 34 thousand 123 kilo grams of paddy were purchased within 3 days.

Chairman of the board M B Dissanayaka stated that paddy was purchased from famers in Anuradapura, Pollonnaruwa, Ampara, Kurunagala, Puthlam, Hambanthota, Kilonochchi,Vavuniya , Baticalo and Trincomolee districts.

The Chairman further stated that the government has allocated 6000 million rupees to purchase paddy.

Meanwhile, the storing of paddy in the cargo terminal of the Mattala Airport continued under special police protection yesterday.

Paddy storing in the goods terminal was compelled to be halted last morning after a group of residents and another group of airport workers staged a protest against the activities.

However, protesters were dispersed from the scene after police informed them that minimum force would be used to do so.

Meanwhile, Paddy Marketing Board Chairman M.B. Dissanayake said that permission was obtained from the Civil Aviation Services Authority to store paddy in the cargo terminal of the Mattala Airport. 

At the same time, long queues of farmers waiting to sell their paddy were seen in several paddy cultivating areas of the country.

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