Summons issued on Mervin Silva to appear before the court


Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya today issued summons on former Minister Mervin Silva to appear before the court on 11th of November to give evidence on cases of abduction and disappearance involving white vans.

The Judge issued summons on the former Minister, when 3 lawsuits concerning Habeus Corpus were taken for hearing today.

The cases were filed by the relatives in connection with the abduction and disappearance of 3 persons in 2011.

The IGP, Commander of Army, and the OIC of Modara Police are named as respondents of the cases.

Previously former Minister Mervin Silva has stated before the  CID that he has information on abduction cases involving white vans.  

Accordingly the former Minister has been named as a witness of the 3 cases, and as a result summons was issued on him.

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