Opposition leader post, also for SLFP


Still various views prevail with regard to the post of Opposition Leader.

SLFP sources said that the Opposition Leader would be from the SLFP.

However sources said further that no definite decision had been yet taken about it.

Nimal Siri Pala De silva was the opposition Leader of the previous government.

Meanwhile a letter with signatures of UPFA MPs stating that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should be made the Opposition Leader has been prepared to be handed over to the Speaker.

UPFA MP Ranjith Soysa representing the SLFP told our news team that about 60 SLFP MPs elected to parliament this time had signed the letter.

However Mahinda Rajapaksa had earlier said that he was ready to serve as a backbench MP without accepting the post of Opposition Leader.

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