President to propose three national programs to new cabinet


President Maithripala Sirisena plans to propose three important national programs to the first cabinet meeting of the new government.

The President announced that he will propose national programs to be implemented for local food production, environment preservation and drug eradication at the first cabinet meeting when he met with the members of the Task Forces of those programs yesterday at the Presidential Secretariat.

The directors and ministry secretaries who are heading the Task Forces presented the progress of their programs to the President.

The local food production program which makes the country self-sufficient will be implemented in several phases.

The programs will be put into practice under the units such as agricultural research, qualitative applications and efficient sales system.

The President pointed out the importance of encouraging farmers to cultivate all uncultivated farm lands.

He recalled that the Agrarian Services Act also states the importance of educating farmers on this regard.

The environment preservation program will be implemented under sub programs on environmental issues, soil erosion, elephant-human conflict and coast conservation.

The plans for drug prevention which will be implemented island-wide in the future were also presented at this occasion.

The President pointed out that all these tasks cannot be implemented by any ministry or institution alone.

He emphasized that the programs should achieve their objectives with the participation of every one for the future of the country.

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