Liverpool Giants commemorate World War One


Giant marionettes are back on the streets of Liverpool, two years after their last visit to the city.

The huge figures begin the three-day commemoration of World War One at about 10:30 BST.

About 30,000 people saw one of the characters lying as if asleep ahead of the event from Wednesday.

Crowds queued for more than an hour to see the 25ft (7.5m) marionette at St George's Hall.

Another of the figures, Little Girl Giant, will "wake up" at 10:30 and be walked through the city with her dog Xolo.

Their route is from Queensway Tunnel, through the city centre to the Chinese Arch by 13:00 for a siesta.

Thirty minutes later the Grandma Giant will leave St George's Hall for a waterfront walk, arriving at Salthouse Dock for 13:30.

The giants will be rested until late afternoon.


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