Those good days of Royalty


Taken from reels of never seen before home movie footage, it offers a rare glimpse of the Queen and her family in relaxed ‘off duty’ mode.

From a gangly Prince Philip racing his son, Prince Charles, on a children’s tricycle, to a young Princess Elizabeth dancing a sailor’s reel with her mother, the ageing cine film is a charming record of happy days gone by.

Now it is among the highlights of a new exhibition at Buckingham Palace – Royal Childhood – which opens to the public tomorrow.

In one clip of the never before seen royal footage, the Duke of Edinburgh can be seen on a child's tricycle leading Prince Charles around on toy tractor while playing

The footage also reveals a very young Prince Charles, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, proudly showing sticks to the camera as he plays in front of Buckingham Palace

The foursome can be seen putting their best foot forward as they dance in pairs for the camera. The clip has been released as part of the Royal Childhood exhibition.

A young Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth were also filmed dancing together without the adults, in the adorable home footage

A young Queen Elizabeth, then Princess Elizabeth, bounces in the air (left) as she plays on a see-saw with Princess Margaret

Princess Anne, who features as a toddler in much of the footage, appears happy and content as she plays with a toy in the treasured family video

One piece of footage is particularly poignant and shows the Queen's adored but frail father, King George V1, sitting on a sun lounger and fondly placing his arms around his grandson, Prince Charles's waist

Another clip shows a young Prince Charles pushing a pram across the lawns of Buckingham Palace

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