30 migrants found dead as refugee boats arrive in Italy


The deaths of 30 boat migrants sparked anger and frustration in Italy on Monday, as critics accused the government of failing to deal with an immigration crisis
which has seen over 5,000 people rescued in the last 24 hours.

Rescuers had found the bodies stuffed into the hold of a fishing boat from north Africa when they boarded the vessel to help the most vulnerable of almost 600 migrants
in the vessel.

A navy doctor said the migrants had "likely suffocated" in the tiny space, and "advised against removing the bodies" as it was not yet clear whether there were
poisonous gases in the hold which might affect others.

The League has warned Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's government that plucking asylum seekers and immigrants to safety from their rickety boats only encourages more
people to set out across the Mediterranean for Europe.

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