International pressure should be applied to Sri lanka


Northern Province Chief Minister C. V. Vigneshwaran said during his visit to the US that the international community including the US should continue its mediation further for ensuring the success of Sri Lanka’s economic development, accountability as well as reconciliation.

The Chief Minister said that as a result of such assistance provided to Sri Lanka which is striving to redeem itself from the corrupt past benefits would accrue to the country’s Tamil community as well.

The Chief Minister who said that the country’s Tamil community was grateful to the way the US had acted before the UN Human Rights Commission, recalled also the statement US President Obama  made to the effect that the change that occurred in Sri Lanka had brought hope for democracy throughout the world.

The Northern Province Chief Minister who said that the people should be given the opportunity to take decisions regionally through a dissolution power in the country emphasized that land right should also lie with the people.

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