Mother finds son through facebook photo


Facebook is the most popular social networking site and is very popular among the younger generation. However the adult community in Sri Lanka  is not so in favour of facebook due to the recent negative incidents which took place with the involvement of facebook.
However foreign media reports of a positive incident which took place somewhere in America Mexico Border, All thanks to facebook.
Hope Holland's only hope was to see her son who got abducted by his father 15 years back. She had tried several ways to find her lost son, with the support of the child protection organizations and police investigations , but have had no success.
She had suicidal thoughts when she  believed she'd never be able to find him. But social media brought her hope. Jonathan the abducted son had posted a photo of his childhood hoping that the mother would identify him if at all if she sees it on facebook. Hope had seen the photo on facebook and that is how the mother and the son has reunited after 15 years.. See the happy ending on the video below.

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