Craigslist murders: pregnant teen killed, boyfriend decapitated in Michigan


According to the police a pregnant Michigan teenager was strangled and her boyfriend decapitated after apparently meeting a stranger online through Craigslist for a sexual encounter.

The police said that 18-year-old pregnant mother was held captive before her death. Her body was discovered last Thursday in the trunk of the suspect's car. Slocum was eight months pregnant.

Her boyfriend, Charles Oppeneer, 25, was found decapitated in the park a day earlier. The head has still not been recovered.

Emails show that Slocum met the suspect, 31-year-old Brady Oestrike, through a Craigslist ad and arranged a sexual encounter where Oppenneer would be present.

Police obtained a search warrant for Oestrike's residence, and he fled in a yellow 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt. He fatally shot himself after crashing his car at the corner of Burton and US 151, after which police discovered Slocum's body.

As per the police information further investigations related to the murder are currently underway.

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