MP Nilwala surrenders: bailed out


UPFA Kurunegala district Parliamentarian Nimal Wijesinghe alias Nilwala, who was accused for assaulting a Grama Niladhari in Mawathagama, surrendered to the Pilassa Magistrate Court in Mawathagama, this morning.

later on UPFA parliamentarian Nimal Wijesinghe alias Nilwala Wijesinghe has been released on bail after he surrendered to court.


He was accused of assaulting the gramasevaka officer of the Amba-kote division of Kurunegala.


Police media spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana said that Wijesinghe had surrendered to the Kurunegala magistrate court this morning through a lawyer.


Thereafter the parliamentarian was released on cash bail worth 1500 rupees and personal bail.


On the 19th of this month, the assaulted gramasevaka officer had received a tip off that a group was illegally felling a jack tree which was marked to be cut down, before the installation of cables for a high voltage electricity grid.


When the gramasevaka officer visited the location, the group has said that they are supporters of parliamentarian Nilwala Wijesinghe and to abstain from obstructing them.


The gramsevaka officer of the Amba-kote division Ananda Wimalasiri told us that, thereafter the group has telephoned the parliamentarian and the MP who arrived at the location within few minutes assaulted him.


The gramasevaka officer has lodged a complaint at the Ridigama police regarding the incident.


However the director of the Kurunegala hospital Palitha D. Yapa says that the assaulted grmasevaka officer is receiving in house treatment at the hospital.


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