“Dissolution sooner than expected” - President tells minority parties


President Maithripala Sirisena has told the leaders of several minority political parties that the Parliament will be dissolved "sooner than expected.” The President has noted this when he met the leaders of the minority parties at the Presidential Secretariat to discuss issues related to the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution, yesterday (17).

Mano Ganeshan, Leader of the Tri-party Union, the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) said that the President while noting that the Parliament will be dissolved "sooner than expected" had said that he has so far not decided on the exact date of dissolution.

"But the President said the decision to dissolve "soon" has been arrived at. He hinted that he is waiting to see the proceedings on 20th Amendment," Mr. Mano Ganeshan said.

On the 20th Amendment, according to the TPA Leader the President had assured that new "Amendments" will be introduced at the committee stage in Parliament, mainly to safeguard the minor and minority party interests.

"The President assured us that he will stand by his promise that election reforms will not harm the minority interests but protect," Mr. Mano Ganeshan said.

"The President also told us that he fixed 255 as the number of members which should be in Parliament, in his original proposal, only to provide space for the minor party interests," Mr. Mano Ganeshan said.

Along with Mr. Mano Ganeshan, Minister Palani Digambaram who heads the Workers National Front and Minister V. Radhakrishnan who heads the Upcountry People's Front (UPF) too attended the meeting. Earlier several minor and minority parties had voiced concern on the proposal for electoral reforms approved by the Cabinet, noting that it would curtail their representation in Parliament.

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