Thondaman’s proposal creates more complexities on the Constitutional Council


Ceylon Workers’ Congress general secretary Arumugam Thondaman met President Maitripala Sirisena yesterday and requested that a person of Indian origin be appointed the Constitution Council.

While the CWC general secretary proposed former Minister P. P. Devarajan for the said membership from his party, the President had said that he would also inform Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe about it.

The names of retired Judge A. W. A. Salaam, Dr. Raadhikaa Kumaaraswaami and Dr. A. T. Aariyaratna had been proposed as civil society representatives to the Constitutional Council due to be set up under the 19th constitutional amendment.

Parliament met day-before-yesterday to take a final decision about them.

However the Opposition said that those names had been proposed without prior discussion with them.

Although the Speaker temporarily adjourned parliament  to facilitate a consensus about the proposal and a lengthy party leaders’ meeting had been held it was not possible to reach a consensus.

Subsequently it was decided to obtain the views of all parties in writing within a few days.

However DPF leader Western Provincial Councillor Mano Ganeshan says that some persons were trying to upset the constitutional council on the pretext of representing the Tamil community.


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