MH17 Attack: Dutch reach bodies in east Ukraine (upadate) (video)


Dutch investigators have arrived in Torez in Ukraine, where the remains of victims of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash are being stored.

The three forensic scientists are aiming to start work on identifying the 196 bodies kept there on a train.

Pressure is growing on pro-Russian rebels to allow experts to the crash site some 15km away.

The US and other nations say there is growing evidence of Russian complicity in the downing of the plane last week.

All 298 people on flight MH17 died when it was reportedly hit by a missile.


The UN Security Council is expected to consider today, a resolution demanding that pro-Russian separatists provide "full and unrestricted access" to the crash site of a downed jet in Ukraine.

The document, proposed by Australia and co-sponsored by countries like France, also calls on all actors in the region to fully cooperate in an international probe of the incident.

A vote was set for next morning, Sri Lankan time.

Russia, as a permanent member of the Security Council, has the right to exercise its veto power to scrap the resolution.



Emergency workers in Ukraine say they have now found 196 bodies at the crash site of Malaysia airliner MH17.


A total of 298 people were on board the plane, when it was reportedly hit by a missile over a rebel-held area in Donetsk region on Thursday.


Western countries have criticised restrictions imposed by rebels at the crash site, and have asked Russia put pressure on them to allow more access.


International observers are expected to visit the site again later today.

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