A TNA committee for obtaining views about the new electoral system


TNA MP M. Sumanthiran says that his party stand with regard to the new election amendment would be announced after a decision taken by a special committee appointed by the party central council.

The TNA Central Council met yesterday.

The MP made the above revelation to the media after the Central Council meeting.

The Central Council has instructed the special committee to obtain views by meeting the people at village level.

Meanwhile election watch dog CAFFE says that minority political parties are not disadvantaged by the new election system.

Expressing his views to our news team, CAFFE Executive Director Keerthi Thennakoon said that some benefits accrue to small parties also as a result of the new election amendment.

PAFFEREL Executive Director Rohana Hettiarachchi said that new proposals should be included in the 20th amendment in such a way that small political parties could be represented in parliament.

Meanwhile the SLFP says that minority political parties have also offered their support to the 20th constitutional amendment amending the election system.     

However the UNP says that obtaining support for the proposed 20 constitutional amendment has so far been a problem.


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