19 A repeals 18th A: 17 Amendment enacted again


Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Ajith P Perera said yesterday that a Clause was included to the 19th Amendment preventing dual citizenship holders of Sri Lanka from contesting elections.

He further said that several Clauses to limit the executive powers of the president have also included to the 19th Amendment.

Accordingly, the term of office of an executive president has reduced from 6 years to 5.

At the same time, the impunity powers enjoyed by previous executive presidents have also abolished under the 19th Amendment.

As a result of this amendment, future executive presidents of the county can be challenged before Court.

The Deputy Minister also said that the Independent Commissions which had been annulled by the 18th Amendment have re-enacted by the 19th.

Meanwhile the structure of the Constitutional Council has also been changed under the 19th Amendment.

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