Pat Boone Makes Shocking Statement about Barack Obama, and MILLIONS Agree


Legendary singer Pat Boone has made a controversial statement about US president Barack Obama.

Boone went on to lambast Obama for declaring the Constitution a “flawed” document and vowing to use his “phone and pen” to correct what he sees as the true, underlying problem in the world today, America.

Boone blasted Obama for setting out to destroy the country financially, racking up trillions of dollars in debt; three times that of all presidents before him.

Pat Boone also said that Obama actively releases radical Islam’s murderous leaders from Guantanamo Bay, only for them to return to the battlefield to kill more Americans.

Many Americans agree with Pat Boone, adding that it is refreshing to see a celebrity who isn’t mindlessly parroting liberal talking points, and actually sees Obama for who he is.

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