Nepal earthquake: Tent cities spring up for displaced


Tent cities have sprung up for those displaced by the earthquake in Nepal, which is now reported to have killed some 2,500 people.

Many residents of the capital, Kathmandu, lost their homes as a result of the tremor.

And others are afraid to return to their homes - especially after strong aftershocks hit the region yesterday.

It is thought hundreds of thousands of people in central Nepal have been spending a second night outdoors.

The tremor also unleashed avalanches on Mount Everest, which killed at least 17 people and injured 61 others.

Efforts to dig victims out from under the rubble of collapsed buildings in Kathmandu have been continuing.

Rescue missions and aid have started arriving to help cope with the aftermath of the worst earthquake to hit Nepal for more than 80 years.

Meanwhile, the death toll In Bihar India yesterday, rose to 51 with a powerful tremor hitting the State again in the afternoon creating panic among residents.

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