Perahera of Kataragama Maha Devalaya commences today


The first procession of the Ruhunu Kataragama Maha Devale Esala Festival will commence parading the streets at the auspicious time of 7.45 tonight.

According to the Chief Organizer of Ruhunu Kataragama Procession Padmasiri Rajapaksa, the procession will include elephants and tuskers as well as various dance
forms including Udarata, Pahatharata, Sabaragamu in addition to indigenous folk dances and Kaawadi.

The procession will commence from Maha Devale and will proceed through the main street up to Walli Amma Devale.

After performing the long standing rituals at Walli Amma Devale the procession will once again parade through the main street and return to Maha Devale.

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