Sacked SLFP MPs rejoin


According to SLFP party sources, senior party members have decided to reconsider regarding the 4 former Ministers who were removed from the party central committee.

A senior spokesperson of the party stated that senior party members have focused their attention on handing over the central committee membership to the 4 former Ministers.

The spokesperson also stated that they have unofficially notified the 4 MP’s.

Former Ministers Salinda Dissanayaka, T B Ekanayaka, S M Chandrasena and Bandula Gunawardana were removed from the SLFP central committee.

The MP’s stated that Chairman of the Party, President Maithripala Sirisena has notified them in writing.

However, Former Minister S M Chandrasena states that he will seek the assistance of the judiciary, following his removal from the SLFP Central committee.

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