Infant pays in life for father's illicit affair with aunt


The father of a six months old girl and his sister-in-law have been arrested in connection with the murder of the girl at the 8th mile post on Karuwalagaswewa in Puttalam.

The victim, Hiruni Madumali’s had been wet-nursed by her ant after her mother went abroad for an employment.

The initial investigations revealed the woman is in relationship with the girl’s father.

The victim had been hospitalized after she fell sick suddenly last Saturday.

Later the girl died around 8.30 in the morning on the same day.

Chilaw Special Judicial Medical Officer D.K. Wijerathna who conducted the post mortem disclosed the girl has died due to head injuries.

Later police arrested the girl’s father and her aunt in connection with the death of Hiruni Madumali.

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