Bizarre Lamb Born With 'Human Face'


A farmer had the shock of his life when he went to check on his newborn lambs and found one with what he said was a human-like face.Blasius Lavrentiev, from the village of Chirka in south-western Russia, had been waiting all week for his prized ewe to give birth.

The 45-year-old said: “We had quite a tough winter and when I noticed she was pregnant I was delighted as it meant I would be able to sell the lambs and start making some money again.

“But when I went down to see how it was going I nearly died from shock when I saw what looked like the hairy face of an old man staring up at me.

“Her parents are both normal looking sheep so I have no idea how she ended up looking like this.”

Now the human-faced lamb has become the talk of the village.

Neighbour Dementi Galkin said: “I’ve seen some weird stuff in my time, but nothing like this. “She looks like an angry old man with a big nose.” (Foreign News)

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