Sanath fying amidst sky says Malaka


It has been reported through several media that Malaka Silva will be contesting from the Matara electorate for the upcoming general elections. Several people had so many to say regarding this. But out of those “Malaka and I are poles apart” was something hit the public a lot. As a response Malaka Silva had said that Matara people have told me that Sanath Jaysuriya has his head in the clouds. But I am of course someone who is more grounded. I can coexist with anybody at any level. I was never elevated to the sky.

Politicians who live in the sky will one day realize that they are too high above the ground. When people give their verdict, they will finally understand their folly. Just talk to the people of the Matara district, they will tell you who stands where. And he had further stated that he is not someone who will back down when faced with a challenge. I am just like the other young guys. The only difference is that I am Minster Mervyn Silva’s son. Even the smallest thing I do is bloated up into a big incident. Even the media makes a big deal about every little thing. What can I do? Must be the fault of my stars.