Saunas, soaking and chess adds up to Hungary's best spas


With more than 1,000 hot springs gurgling beneath 80% of the country, a trip to Hungary isn't complete without one thing: a visit to a spa.

The Romans chanced upon Hungary's healing waters more than 2,000 years ago, but the Ottoman Turks really got things going in the 16th century,
importing their social spa culture.

While the word "spa" can conjure images of being pampered in a luxurious setting, in Hungary it's quite different.

There's an emphasis on health and well being, so many of the facilities are more functional than plush.

A few charge for towels, although the fee can be less than $2.

That said, the natural beauty of the country's spas makes up for a certain clinical air.

And admission prices, even for a full day, are often less than $15.

Courtesy: CNN

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