Further action by German airline pilots


Pilots working for German airline Lufthansa were on strike Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday’s strike targeted short- and medium-haul flights, with Thursday’s affecting long-haul and cargo flights. Lufthansa announced it had cancelled more than half its scheduled flights over the two days. However, Lufthansa subsidiaries Germanwings and Eurowings had normal service.

Pilots represented by the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) union are protesting Lufthansa plans to scrap the scheme whereby its pilots can retire at 55 but still receive 60 percent of their pay until reaching statutory retirement age at 65. They are also protesting the airline’s plans to expand its budget flights sector with reduced conditions and the company’s plans to offer new younger recruits diminished pay and working conditions.

The strike by Lufthansa pilots is the second this year and the twelfth in its series of strikes over the early retirement issue. The strikes have cost Lufthansa around €230 million so far. (WSW)

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