Another stage of Daham Saviya under the patronage of MP R Dumindha Silva


Another stage of the Daham saviya programme carried out according to a concept of Colombo district parliamentarian R Dumindha Silva was held yesterday in view of the Esala full moon poya day.


Under this programme financial assistance is given for the development of Temples, churches, Kovils and Mosques.


Yesterdays stage of the Daham saviya programme carried out as a per a concept of was Parliamentarian R Dumindha Silva was centred around 2 temples.


The first programme was held at the Sri Anandaaraama viharaya in Kolonnawa where financial aid was provided by MP R Dumindha Silva for the renovation of the bhikku rest house of the temple.


Chief incumbent of Sri Anandaaraama viharaya Ven Seenimodara Pagngnaaloka Thera stated that the Parliamentarians contribution, at short notice was commendable.


Financial aid was also provided to the Sri Thilakarama viharaya in Batuwandara where Parliamentarian R Dumindha Silva provided assistance for the construction of the 3 storied damma school building at the temple.


Thereafter the Parliamentarian also visited the Bellantara Siri Sadaham Ashramaya and called on Siri Samantha Badra Thera.

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