Suspicious 17,000 Divi Naguma claim forms found at Gatabe.


About 17 thousand ‘Divi Naeguma’ claim forms suspected to be leftovers after distribution during the recent presidential election were found at the ‘Divi Naeguma’ Department situated at Gaetambe.


A police spokesman said that although these claim forms, recovered on a tip-off the Peradeniya police received, bear the Department Director’s signature, the name or address of the claimant is not mentioned in them.   


The JVP also lodged a complaint at the Polonnaruwa SSP office yesterday with regard to a stock of documents found heaped up at the Polonnaruwa Economic Development Ministry Operations office.


In addition 150 thousand almanacs bearing former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s image were found stored at a Kurunegala Agriculture and Agriculture Insurance Board office.  


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