3 persons arrested over the incident of making a UPFA councillor kneel at Agalawaththa;Take legal action against MP Thevaraperuma; election monitors demand.


Three persons were arrested in Matugama over the incident of assaulting a UPFA Paalinda Nuwara Divisional Councilor and making him kneel in the Agalawatta town.


Police Media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana said that action would be taken in the next few days for arresting UNP MP Paalitha Thevarapperuma, the main suspect against whom accusation is leveled in the incident.


Election watchdog PAFFEREL requests the IGP and the UNP to take legal action against MP Paalitha Thevarapperuma with regard to the incident.


PAFFEREL Executive Director Rohana Hettiarachchi expressing his views about the subject stated as follows.


The President had yesterday instructed the IGP to appoint a special team with regard to the incident of MP Paalitha Thevarapperuma assaulting a Paalinda Nuwara Divisional Councillor and making him kneel at the Agalawatta town.

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