Previous owner of the light aircraft found in Narahenpita yesterday Chandran Rathnam express his views.


Film director Chandram Rathnam says that the light aircraft found in a store of the Narahenpita Economic Center was gifted by him to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Yoshitha Rajapaksa.


He said that he gifted the controversial light aircraft to Yoshitha in the month of January last year.


This light aircraft had been stored earlier at the Asian Air Center, a private pilot training institution at Ratmalana.


Yoshitha Rajapaksa who visited the training center earlier had asked Chandran Rathnam whether he could give the light aircraft.


Speaking to our news team, film maker Chanran Rathnam said that he is not aware of any information about the aircraft after it was gifted to Yoshitha.


On a tip-off to police, this two-seater light aircraft was found in a store belonging to the Economic Center at Narahenpita yesterday afternoon.


A person at Narahenpita Economic Centre has telephoned Film Director Chandram Ratnam last evening, and requested his support to dismantle the parts of an aircraft.


Accordingly, Chandram Ratnam said that he sent 4 officers attached to an aircraft training centre.


A statement is to be recorded from Film Director Chandram Ratnam this evening at Narahenpita Police.

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