President never offered me money: Sanga


Star cricketer and former captain Kumar Sangakkara rejected reports that he was offered financial incentive by the president Mahinda Rajapaksa to support him in his election campaign.

Mr. Sangakkara said in his facebook post that he was surprised and disappointed to hear of such a story being circulated.

“I was very surprised and disappointed to hear of a story being circulated regarding His Excellency the President offering me money to support his election campaign. I would like to categorically confirm that at no time whatsoever have I been asked by the President in any manner to be a part of his political campaign,” Mr. Sangakkara said in his post.

 “The allegation being circulated on social media claiming that I have been offered a financial incentive to support his election campaign is completely untrue. These are just false stories concocted with malicious intent that are trying to use and abuse my name and I would like to request everyone to ignore them,” he  added.

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