New revelation on destruction caused to the forest located in the border of the Singharaja- Hadapaan-Ala reserve


It was reported to our news team, that a property located in the border of Handapaan-ala reserve belonging to the Kalawana divisional secretariat, in close proximity to the world heritage; Sinharaja forest is being cleared for the construction of a bottled water factory.

The area in which the property is located is an extremely sensitive environment and is an area with an elephant corridor for the two elephants roaming in the remaining wet zone.

The convener of the Organization protecting rainforests, Jayantha Wijesinghe noted that such a construction may disrupt the movement of these elephants.

Backhoes and heavy machinery had been used to uproot indigenous plants in the land extending to nearly 8 acres, while natural rocks preventing soil erosion have also been removed.

We contacted the department of wild life protection of the Kalawana forestry office, and a senior official noted that the incident had been reported to him as well.

Accordingly, following investigations conducted upon questioning the owner of the land it has been revealed that plans of the construction had been formulated without conducting an environment impact assessment.

When our news team contact the central environment authority, Sabaragamuwa province in charge director, Thilak Kiriella, he noted that the land owner was informed immediately to suspend the clearing of land.

He added that a complaint had also been lodged with the Kalawana police.

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