If one loves the country the 19 amendment should be abolished says the President


Prior to the upcoming Presidential Election or subsequently whoever comes into power, if they love the country they should abolish the 19 Amendment to the Constitution, President Maithripala Sirisena said.

At the meeting of Media Heads being held at the President’s House presently the President said that the reports that there is preparation to hold a referendum are false.

At the same time the President said that he is against the signing of the ACSA and SOFA agreements with America.

He also said that he has signed the execution of four persons sentenced to death over drug offences and that it will be carried out soon. 

Meanwhile, the President emphasized that he was not called to appear before the Parliamentary Select Committee and that even if he is summoned he will not participate. He identified the PSC as a political drama of Temple Trees.

The President further said that the country became unstable due to the 19 Amendment and that he accepts the fact.

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