The accident that hospitalized the retired father and his daughter


In a collision between a Scamel vehicle and a motorcycle which took place at Udububula on the Bibile-Moneragala Road, two persons travelling on the motorbike were serious injured and hospitalized.

Our Correspondent said that a retired teacher and his 19 year old were the ones who sustained injuries.

The injured have been admitted to the Bibile Base Hospital and it is reported that they are in serious conditions.

This accident had happened when the driver of the Scamel had been unable to control its speed and collided with the motorcycle.

It is reported that the accident had taken place when the teacher was taking his daughter to a tuition class and the Scamel truck had been transporting cement from Trincomalee to Mattala.

The driver of the Scamel truck has been taken into custody by the Police and the Bibile Police are carrying out further investigations into the accident.

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