Petrol price increased by 3 rupees I.O.C. petrol too increased by 7 rupees


Price of 92 Octane Petrol was increased with effect from last midnight based on the pricing formula.

Accordingly, price of a liter of 92 Octane Petrol was increased by 3 rupees and the new price is 138 rupees.

The government has decided not to increase the prices of three of the four fuel types at this time.

Meanwhile, Lanka Indian Oil Company also increased the price of Petrol 92 Octane by 7 rupees per litre with effect from last midnight.

The revised price, which was previously at 140 rupee as per the price hike announced by the Lanka IOC last month, will accordingly be 147 rupees.

Lanka IOC said however, the prices of other fuel categories will not be increased.

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