200 foreigners who propagated extremism in the country deported


Minister of Internal and Home Affairs, and Provincial Councils and Local Government Vaijra Abeywardene stated that, 200 Muslims belonging to different nationalities who had arrived in the country, with the intention of teaching, have been deported.

Reports indicate that there are suspicions that these individuals have spread extremist ideologies in the guise of teaching.

Meanwhile, Postal Services and Muslim Affairs Minister M. H. A Haleem handed over the committee report regarding regulating Madrasas in Sri Lanka to Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe today.

The Prime Minister’s office stated that according to the report, Madrasas operating across the country will be regulated and will be governed by a common set of rules and regulations.

Subsequent being reviewed by the attorney general and the legal draftsman, the report will be presented to the cabinet and thereafter, the implementation of regulations will be expedited.

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