Dubai court verdict today regarding extraditing Madhush;A suspect who was under CID custody handed over to CCD


The CID took into custody two more persons arrested in Dubai along with underworld leader Maakandurey Madhush after they arrived in the country on deportation from Dubai.

Piyal Pushpakumara and Mohamed Afrid Mohamed Inhaam are the persons thus deported.

Police media spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekera said that CID’s Katunayake Airport Unit was carrying out further investigations

Meanwhile, One of the six persons, the CID had taken into custody after deportation from Dubai, was handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division for further investigation.

A CID spokesman told our news team that while the person named Gayaan Buddhima Perera had thus been handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division, the remaining five continue to be in CID custody.

Similarly, out of the above six,  Nilaan Romesh Samarasinghe, a cousin of Madhush is also scheduled to be arrested on a warrant.

Younger brother of Madhush’s father was also among the group.

The seven-member committee appointed for probing these persons deported from Dubai is scheduled to meet for the second time today.

Meanwhile, the Dubai court is scheduled today to give its verdict on whether the underworld leader Maakandurey Madhush arrested in Dubai should be deported or not. 

Maakandurey Madhush had,  through a lawyer petitioned the Dubai court not to deport him to Sri Lanka as there was a threat to his life. The verdict on this petition is due to be given today.

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