Verdict about the group including Singer Amal Perera today


The decision regarding the fate of the 31 individuals arrested in Dubai, specifically whether or not they should undergo trial according to the laws of Dubai is to be  announced today.

Amongst those arrest are vocalist Amal Perera and his son Nadeemal perera.

The lawyer appearing on behalf of the father and son, attorney at law, Udul Premaratne noted that Dubai police would be requested that they either release them, grant bail or they be extradited from the country.

In addition, police investigations revealed that 18 of the suspects who were arrested along with Amal Perera and Makandure Madoosh had been abusing cocaine at the time of arrest.

The 31 suspects including Amal Perera his son Nadeemal Perera and  actor Ryan Van Royan are currently been held at Bur Dubai police.

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