A meeting between President, Opposition Leader and Joint Opposition leaders


A Dubai newspaper Khaleej Times reported today that there is also a diplomatic passport holder among the suspects who were arrested along with the organized criminal group leader, Makandure Madush from a Dubai hotel yesterday.

Meanwhile, State Defence Ministry and Foreign Ministry started diplomatic talks with the United Arab Emirates government this morning to extradite arrested Madush Lakshitha aka Makandure Madush to Sri Lanka.

25 members with links to organized criminal groups including Makandure Madush were arrested during a birthday party held at a hotel in Dubai yesterday.

Several organized criminal group leaders as well as a popular vocalist; Amal Perera and his son Nadimal Perera are also among the arrested.

Police seized some narcotics including heroin and cocaine in the possession of the suspects at the time of the arrest.

Meanwhile, there is a diplomatic quandary whether to take action against the suspects including Makandure Madush under the law of the United Arab Emirates or Sri Lanka.

However, legal luminaries say that it is not difficult to extradite such criminals if there is some bilateral agreement existing between the two countries.

At the same time, senior lawyer Gomin Daya Sri stated, in the absence of such an agreement, steps should be taken to bring down the suspects to the country on the advice of the Attorney General.

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