Public sector basic salary increased by 2,500 to 10,000 rupees


The ministry of finance says that public sector employees have been granted a increase to their basic salary.

The increment will be implemented as of January 2019.

Increments will vary between 2500- 10,000 rupees depending on the grade of the employee.

A spokesperson for the ministry noted that the basic salary of the lowest grade employee will be increased by 2500 rupees, while the highest grade employee will receive an increase of by 10,000 rupees.

The government provided an allowance of 10,000 rupees in 2015 for public sector employees, and it has also been decided that the allowance would be matched to the basic salary from 2016 to 2020.

The ministry added that the basic salary of public sector employees have been increased by 85% in comparison to 2015 January.

The lowest level salary of public sector employees stood at 11,730 rupees in 2015, which was increased to 21,745 rupees.

the finance ministry noted that the highest level public sector employee have had a basic salary increase of 50,000 rupees this year.

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