A complaint to Fraud Investigations Bureau against Speaker


Pivithuru Helaurumaya deputy leader, Madu-madawa Aravinda has lodged a complaint at the Colombo fraud investigation bureau alleging that the Hansard report, compiled on the 14th of November, by the Speaker, was done so in a misleading manner.

Additionally ruling party Ministers and MPs informed the speaker that the Hansard report cannot be accepted as parliament proceedings did not take place in an appropriate manner on the 14,15,16,19, 21st and 23rd of November.

Leader of the house, minister Dinesh Gunawardena, along with several others had stated in a letter directed to the speaker, that the parliamentary proceedings violated the standing orders and parliament tradition.

deputy leader Aravinda expressed these views to media,after lodging the complaint with the Colombo fraud investigations bureau.

 Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva attending a media briefing held at the parliamentary complex yesterday noted that action would be taken to inform courts regarding the matter through affidavits.

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