Nandana Gunathilaka prepares to quit the government


Panadura Mayor Nandana Gunatilaka said that he would have to quit the government unless the executive presidency is abolished, the present election system is changed and the independent commissions are empowered before the next presidential election.

However he refutes certain media reports that stated he is planning to join UNP.

Former JVP stalwart Nandana Gunatilaka contested under the JVP ticket for the Presidential election in 1994.

He was appointed the first chairman of UPFA when the alliance was set up, and later he quit JVP together with Minister Wimal Weerawansa to form NFF.

In 2010, Gunatilaka quit the NFF as well and obtained the membership of SLFP.

In 2011, he contested for the Panadura Urban Council and obtained 4900 votes and became the Mayor.


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