Airtel Lanka expands its network footprint by 20%


Airtel Lanka recently signed an agreement with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BoI) to further invest into its operations, in the country. The investment
commitment was made under the aegis of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Sri Lanka.
Commenting on this occasion Jinesh Hegde Airtel Lanka CEO/ MD stated "This investment underscores our commitment to Sri Lanka and the fact that we are bullish on the future of the country’s economy.  The network footprint expansion paired with intelligent network and mobile broadband will equip Airtel Lanka with the latest upgrades. I am happy to declare, this is a continuation of our current investment of USD 0.5 Billion which we have already made in Sri Lanka. This will further contribute to the socio-economic development of the country by furtherevolving the country’s critical infrastructure to world-class standards.”

Mr. Dumindra Ratnayaka, Chairman of the BoI, Sri Lanka stated ““We are happy that Airtel is
investing in Sri Lanka and wish them luck for their expansion”

Over the last 18 months Airtel Sri Lanka’s network enhancements have been recognized by the
regulator and 3 rd party network tests for fastest internet speeds in the country. As a result Airtel
is currently the second largest player among the internet savvy youth of Sri Lanka. The telco's
impact in the country has not only seen the introduction of affordable technology paired with
critical infrastructure but has also provided direct and indirect employment opportunities for
over 60,000 citizens island-wide.

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